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Once you’ve had the opportunity to see for yourself what A & A Auto Repair in Sacramento, California, is all about, you won’t want to go anywhere else to have your vehicle’s transmission serviced. The members of our team are known for speedy and accurate performance. Our customers don’t just visit once. They return whenever a need arises, as they know they’re going to be heard and respected. This is an easy task since our shop is independently owned and operated. We consider ourselves a community partner, not a large scale operation that lacks personalized care and treatment. When your transmission needs maintenance or repairs, this is the kind of service you’ll want. Our ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technicians have the experience and training needed to care for, and repair, this more complex component on your car, truck, or SUV. Call our repair shop today at [as_phone].

How a Transmission Works

Your car's transmission is a housing unit for turning and rotating gears. The components of the gearbox use the power generated by the engine to turn the wheels. Fluid lubricates and cools the gears and belts, so everything moves smoothly. Without proper maintenance, there's a good chance contaminants will build-up in the fluid. If the transmission fluid gets dirty, the pathways can become obstructed. Dirty fluid can cause a decrease in hydraulic pressure, slipping gears, and a delay in shifting, all of which can cause major damage. Anytime your car, truck, or SUV's transmission is compromised, you run the risk of unsafe driving and costly repairs.

When Your Transmission is in Trouble

Paying attention to warning signs will help you catch small problems within your vehicle's transmission before they turn into big problems. If you experience any of the following issues, you should call our shop for speedy, accurate service.

Delayed Engagement - If you notice a delay when you switch gears from park to drive, your car, truck, or van may not move forward as it's supposed to.

Leaking Fluid - Although transmissions are pretty tightly sealed units, they'll leave behind dark stains in your parking spot if there's a problem.

Rough Shifting - If your car seems stubborn when changing gears, or you feel or hear a clankity-clank when the gears shift, the transmission may need attention.

Slipping Transmission - When your car seems to be struggling, slacking on power, or isn't getting up to speed as it should, the transmission is most likely slipping.

Listen to your vehicle, and it will tell you when it's not feeling well. The sooner you bring it to the expert technicians at A & A Auto Repair shop at 2621 El Camino Avenue, Suite B, the more you boost the likelihood of avoiding unsafe, costly repairs. You'll enjoy the honest and friendly environment we established, and the positive results we deliver.