The Signs of Transmission Trouble

Signs You Need Transmission Repair

How many different types of signs can you name in ten seconds? It’s not as easy as you might think. There are road signs, yard signs, zodiac signs, warning signs, and more. What if someone were to ask you to name the warning signs specific to a transmission in need of repair? Perhaps that might be a bit trickier. No worries, if you need to increase your knowledge of automotive warning signs, you’re in the right place. Luckily, when the components of a vehicle start underperforming they’ll let you know. All you need to do is take notice and bring it to a professional auto repair shop. A & A Auto Repair, in Sacramento, California, is an excellent choice for transmission maintenance and repair.

Warning Signs Made Simple

You don’t have to have heightened senses to recognize that there may be a problem with your vehicle’s transmission. If you hear whining or grinding noises, the transmission may be slipping. This happens when the clutch struggles to engage the gears. Wear and tear over time is inevitable. Your job is to bring it to a reputable auto repair shop to prevent further damage. Suppose you catch a sniff of a burning smell coming from underneath your vehicle. There’s a good chance the system is running too hot due to broken down transmission fluid. Upon checking your transmission fluid, if you see that the color is more of a dark brown/black and not red, you can assume the fluid is old and dirty and not able to protect the components of the system. If left alone, too much friction and heat will promote further damage. The most obvious sign of transmission trouble is a lit-up warning light on your dash. Some vehicles have a specific signal for this, while in others, the check engine light will illuminate signaling some type of distress. Although it may not be the transmission, you should never ignore a check engine light.

Repairs Made Simple

When you bring your car, truck, or SUV to an auto shop known for performing quality work at fair prices, you save yourself a great deal of grief. Having the knowledge of transmission warning signs leaves you at an advantage. Your next move should be to schedule an appointment for a repair. Transmission repairs can cost anywhere in the range of $150 – $5000. Pretty crazy, huh? Of course, these numbers vary depending on the type of transmission, the make, model, and year, and the extent of the damage. The greatest determining factor of what you’ll pay is how soon you have it serviced. Bring your vehicle to A & A Auto Repair sooner than later and avoid those bigger numbers!

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