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BMW has achieved engine design excellence, from aircraft design to motorcycle production, to superior car engineering. As the owner of a BMW, or Bimmer, you know your ride is unique and will require special treatment when it’s time for maintenance and repairs. A & A Auto Repair in Sacramento, California, understands your vehicle’s needs, as well as your concerns. Working on BMWs requires experience and continuous training. Our ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified mechanics are the ones you can count on to deliver outstanding results, so your remarkable driving experience won’t be compromised. Schedule your appointment today with our courteous and competent personnel, by calling [as_phone], or feel free to take advantage of our online scheduling system.

Protect Your Investment

Although BMWs are known for optimal performance, they're still vulnerable to wear-and-tear and breakdowns. Having routine maintenance performed is your best line of defense. Bumper-to-bumper preventive care is essential when looking to avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your German gem. The manufacturers of BMW have specific service plans which include electric water pump replacement, engine diagnostics, filter changes, fluid services, and most importantly, oil changes are only a handful of services we perform to keep these vehicles running smoothly. Understanding the design of each model gives us the leg up you're looking for. We happen to be the only repair shop in Sacramento that changes out valve stem seals in 2010 and up BMW M63 engines. Visit us for a most satisfying experience. You won't be disappointed.

Why Visit A & A Auto Repair?

We know your BMW is a smooth, quiet, quick-thinking machine. If you would like to keep it functioning as such, bring it to the pros at A & A Auto Repair in Sacramento. We have what it takes to properly maintain all essential components. Our technicians have the training and certification necessary to handle all the ins and outs of your ultimate driving machine. If you find yourself faced with any out of the ordinary sounds, smells, or sensations, come on over to our convenient 2621 El Camino Avenue, Suite B location. We're here to help you get back to business as usual. Once we check it from head-to-toe, our trained professionals will break down the prognosis for you, share their expert opinion, and explain services and fees. They lay it all out for you, so you don't have to worry about hidden costs or repairs. If a problem arises while they're working on your car, they'll get in touch with you for your consent before making any rash decisions. It's your car, it's your wallet, and it's your time. At A & A Auto Repair, we respect that above all else.