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Brake Repair Sacramento CA

Here at A & A Auto Repair, we take pride in providing fast, reliable, quality automotive repair services that are founded on honesty and integrity. We have a full team of highly skilled, knowledgeable, seasoned professionals who are committed to ensuring that you and your car get the top quality treatment and proper Brake Repair in Sacramento CA​​
  1. Brake Repair
    LIMITED LIFETIME BRAKE REPAIR SACRAMENTO CA Call us today to schedule and appointment (916) 821-2616
  2. Cooling System Service
    Protect your engine and coolant system from heat and corrosion. Inspection & Pressure test for leaks.
  3. Timing Belt Package
    Timing belt, water pump, coolant flush and labor. 10W30 oil only. Special coolant extra (4 CYLINDER)
    $465 + tax
  4. 30k/60k/90k Service
    4 CYLINDER (Special oils & coolants extra. 6 & 8 Cyl. extra)
  5. Oil Change
    STANDARD Up to 5qts. 10W30 oil, new oil filter and maintenance inspection.
  6. Check Engine LIght
    FREE WITH REPAIR Pull computer trouble codes and provide written description.
  7. A/C Repair
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  8. Transmission
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